Our Church Missionaries

Craig and Amanda Cunningham in Bolivia

Craig and Amanda are a young Christian couple, members of Shettleston New Church, who are living and working in Trinidad, Bolivia with their young son, Sam.

Trinidad is a bustling, frenetic town of 100,000 people in northern Bolivia.  However, its relative isolation from the rest of Bolivia and its susceptibility to flooding - sitting, as it does, in the Amazon basin - make it a particularly needy area, even by the standards of South America's poorest country.    They work with Fundación Totaí, a ministry established in 2004, which seeks to provide essential services to the community at a low cost, promote the training of local workers and, above all, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  


For more on their experiences, follow them on their blog at http://cramandaham.blogspot.com

For more information on Fundación Totaí visit http://www.foundationtotai.org

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